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Striving to attain the top position in this industry, we ensure that we procure cattle which are bred in the most healthy way, ensuring that they get the best quality food and shelter. Having the largest capacity farm approved by the government, our fields are filled with lush green pastures which is an important factor in every dairy farm.

Why Us?

With a perpetual demand for these products, we have been supplying according to the demands customers for almost 25 years. Since India is highly dependent on the dairy industry, our exhaustive efforts have been to supply to the need of each and every customer with utmost satisfaction. The reason why one should choose us are-

Products We Offer

Our company deals in a huge variety of cattle, thus we are widely chosen, among various companies and other clients across the nation. Hence, we not only provide the best form of food and shelter to keep our cattle healthy but we also adhere to strict health checks. These weekly checks, ensure that our cattle has been in good shape and are free of any illness or disease, thus making us one of the leading choice in the market. We provide- 


American Cows, Australian Cows, Dairy Cows, Jersey Cows, Pregnant Cows, Heifer Cows


Buffalo Heifers, Pregnant Heifers, Non-pregnant Heifers


Indian Murrah Buffaloes, Murrah Breed Buffaloes, Pregnant Buffaloes

We also provide different kinds of cattle such as Holstein Friesian Cattle, Sahiwal Breed Cattle (which includes Sahiwal Bulls) and various other Cattle Breeds.

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